Política de privacidade

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Privacy policy

Effective from January 17, 2020, at 09:17


RD2 TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMACAO LTDA., A limited liability company, registered with CNPJ nº. 32.907.589 / 0001-00, headquartered at Rua Myltho Anselmo da Silva, nº 1196, Mercês, CEP 80810-060 in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil is responsible for the creation and maintenance of this Duuca software (“Software”) and the website www Duuca.com (“Website”).


Acceptance of our Privacy Policy will be made when you register on our platform to use one of the services mentioned above. Such acceptance will take place when you affirmatively agree to the use of your data for each of the purposes described here. This will indicate that you are aware of and in full agreement with how we will use your information and data. If you choose not to provide us with the Personal Data necessary to use our products, or to provide our services (we will indicate when applicable), or if you do not agree with this Policy, we will not be able to provide you with our products and/or services. If you do not agree with this Policy, please do not continue your registration procedure and do not use our services. However, please let us know your disagreement so that we can clarify or improve them.






Passwords are stored on Duuca's servers in encrypted form. Sensitive information is transferred using encryption protocols. When transmitting sensitive information, you should always ensure that your browser can validate the appropriate certificates.


On our platform, information is collected in the following ways:


(i) Information provided by you: We collect identifying information, such as company data and data of the person responsible for the project, by completing the forms on our page and the respective forms. Eventually and depending on the services requested by the user, information can be requested through Duuca's direct contact with customers via e-mail, telephone call, or sending messages. Duuca has no responsibility for the accuracy of the data submitted by users.

(ii) Navigation information: When you visit our website/software, cookies are inserted in your browser, through the software, to identify you in our system. Information is collected, such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, type of browser, duration of visit, and pages visited. These access data are used for statistical purposes and to improve the system.


(iii) Contact history: Duuca stores information about all contacts already made with our customers, such as content downloaded from our pages and interactions via e-mail, filling, or telephone.


This term allows Duuca to use your personal information for different purposes.


(i) E-mail: It is used for the operation of sending slips, information, materials requested by the user, and general communication from Duuca.


(ii) Download data: They can be used and disseminated in research and statistics in general, for system improvements, with no personal information about the user being revealed to the public, unless explicitly authorized by the customer.


(iii) Telephone: Duuca representatives may eventually contact you by telephone, either by calling or instant messaging, to conduct research, present products/services, proposals, or whenever required by the user, as in the case of resolving doubts.


(iv) Company name, CNPJ, addresses, names of those responsible, CPF: This information is used to identify customers, check the legitimacy of the parties to hire, research in public agencies and inspection bodies, and collection.


(v) Location: The location data can be used to define the user's default language, time zone, and statistical data.

(vi) Brand: The user allows Duuca to advertise his brand as a customer. This authorization is based on the agreement with the Term of Acceptance presented at the time of contracting the services.


(vii) Sharing with partners: Your personal information will not be shared with partners, except in cases where sharing is necessary for the provision of services by Duuca, respecting the inviolability and confidentiality of communications made on the internet.


(viii) Duuca employees, agents, and partners may only have access to your personal information. Eventually, if the insertion of your information occurs in actions created in partnerships, the partners explicitly identified will also have access to the information. No personal information can be disclosed publicly, only in a generic way. The only exception is in cases where this information is required by court order.






(i) Unsubscribing from the email: You can choose not to receive any other type of email from Duuca. In all emails we send, there is always a link to unsubscribe available on the last lines. Clicking on this link will automatically unsubscribe you from the list. When filling in any form again, the re-insertion of your e-mail and data to the list will be characterized. Therefore, the cancellation request must be made again if it is in your interest.


(ii) Cancellation of access accounts by the user: The user who does not wish to continue using the tool must cancel the service via email hello@duuca.com. It is noteworthy that even with the cancellation, the user must respect and meet all contractual, legal, and financial obligations that he has assumed so far. The user agrees that Duuca will continue to have access and storage of his statistical data of use.


(iii) Cancellation of access accounts by Duuca: Duuca may, at its sole discretion, block, restrict, disable or prevent any user from accessing the site/software, in whole or in part, without any prior notice, whenever it is detected inadequate conduct and duplicate access accounts, without prejudice to the measures deemed convenient.






Duuca is committed to preserving the stability, security, and functionality of the network, through technical measures compatible with international standards and by encouraging the use of good practices.


However, no service available on the Internet is fully guaranteed against illegal invasions. In cases where unauthorized third parties invade the system illegally, Duuca is not responsible for the damages caused by them.






Despite Duuca's constant dedication to providing accurate, updated, correct and complete information, Duuca's service and content are offered “as is” and “as available”, without offering any explicit or implicit warranty, which may contain technical errors, inconsistencies or typographical errors. The purpose of the service provided is informative, the content of the platform does not constitute advice, nor does it generate any right or expectation of rights between the user, Duuca and/or third parties.


The software is made available on the Internet, not including the following guarantees:


(i) suitability of the software for a specific purpose requested by the customer;


(ii) no defects, errors or failures;


(iii) correction of problems, damages or losses caused by decisions made by the user based on information provided by the tool, as well as defects or errors resulting from the client's negligence, imprudence or malpractice;


(iv) problems arising from unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure;


(v) the user is solely responsible for the damages caused to himself and third parties, related to the use of the Duuca Service.


(vi) Duuca is not responsible for any difficulties in accessing services caused by third parties, such as, for example, and not only, internet service providers, electricity concessionaires, etc.


(vii) Duuca does not guarantee that the platform is free of viruses and other forms of malware, nor the continuous and uninterrupted provision of the service. Any interruptions scheduled to update the system will be previously communicated through a prominent notification on the platform, and will preferably occur outside business hours, understood here as the period from 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday.


(viii) Duuca is not responsible for third party content, including advertising, linked on the platform.


Duuca reserves the right to modify the software, as well as the configuration, presentation, content, features, tools, or any other element, including its cancellation.





If we do not exercise or enforce any right or provision in these General Terms of Service, this will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.


Access to the Platform constitutes a declaration of acceptance of the General Terms of Service of the platform and the Privacy Policy. These General Terms of Service and any operational policies or standards posted by Us on this Website or concerning the Service constitute the entire agreement between Us. These terms govern your use of the Service, replacing any previous or contemporary agreements, communications and proposals, whether verbal or written, between you and Us (including, but not limited to, any previous versions of the General Terms of Service). Any ambiguities in the interpretation of these General Terms of Service should not be interpreted against the party who drafted them.


The parties declare that they will act in good faith, and that, silent on the Contract, the legal relationship between the parties will be governed by the Civil Code (Law 10.406 / 2002).






You can review the most current version of the Privacy Policy at any time on this page.


We reserve the right, at Our discretion, to update, modify, or replace any part of this Privacy Policy when posting updates and changes to Our Website. It is your responsibility to check Our Website periodically. Your continued use of or access to Our Website or Service after any changes to this Privacy Policy are posted constitutes acceptance of those changes.






To resolve any doubts regarding this document, the District Court of Curitiba is elected.






Questions about the General Terms of Service should be sent to Us at hello@duuca.com.